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Everstar Vision & Communication Ltd. designs and manufactures the PoE power devices and surge protectors for wired,wireless,IP surveillance,remote or backup powering of telecommunications.

Why Choose Everstar?
-Everstar is a professional PoE products designer and manufacturer.
-Everstar has experience of producing PoE products more than 10 years.
-Everstar ships the high cost performance products to the well-known wireless communications network manufacturers and distributers over 10 years.

Everstar provides the "one stop source" for for Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, SAF (CFIP), Cambium, Ligowave PMP and Axis PTZ cameras include AC and DC input  and Passive, PoE Power Injecters (up to 120W), GbE/10GbE PoE Surge Protectors, PoE Active and Passive Splitters
Surge Protector (PoE,IEC/EN 60601-1,Phone/DSL/T1/E1) 
-PoE (802.3 at/bt/bt+)
-GbE/10GbE-DIN mount
-PTZ/IP Camera
-IEC/EN 60601-1

*If AP includes a built-in surge suppressor, you should include a surge suppressor at the building’s cable entrance point leading to the indoor equipments. Yo may also want to include a surge suppressor at the bottom of the tower near the tower ground bar.

Injector/Midspan (802.3 at/bt/bt+)
-DC In for Axis
-DC In for Cambium
-DC In for Mimosa
-DC In for UBNT
DC In - +/-48V(at,bt)
-DC In - +/-12~24V(at)
-DC In - +/-24V(at,bt)
-DC In - +/-12V(at)
-AC In - bt+(95W+)
-AC In - bt(60W~95W)
-AC In - at(30W)

Passive Injector (802.3 at/bt)

Active Splitter (802.3 at/bt)

Everstar provides the cost efficient,fast delivery products and guarantee the pre/post sales service. If you have any questions about our company or products, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to answer there for you.