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In-Line Telephone/DSL/T1 Surge Protector TEL-GUARD CP

- 1-pair telephone line (Telephone/DSL/T1) surge protector
- Multi-stage-hybrid design by high energy miniature gas discharge tubes (GDT), a pair of current limiting series resistors and silicon avalanche suppressor diodes (SASD) for superior surge events handling capability and faster turn-on rate
- Peak surge current 5 KA
- Nominal let through voltage < 110V
- Surge response time
- RJ-11 Jacks
- 12-inch heavy gauge grounding lead connects to designated grounding lugs on protected equipment
- Non-Metallic UL94V0 flame rating enclosure
- Tested standards IEC 61643-21, IEC61000-4-5
- RoHS and REACH compliant